Sand Animation History


The earliest form of sand animation was performed by Caroline Leaf when she made her first film in 1968 which was called Sand or Peter and the Wolf at Harvard University. This was made by using sand on a light box and manipulating the textures frame by frame then stitching the frames together to form an animation. Her second film was Orfeo in 1972 this animation was created differently where she painted directly on to the glass below under the camera. After this later that very year she was invited to join the National Film Board of Canda’s English animated studio. She then won the Academy Award for Best animated short film at the 49th Academy Awards she won this for her short film the Street which she made using mixed paint with glycerine. She then worked as an animator/ director at the NFB until 1991 to work on some documentary films.

This is not my work but is the work of Caroline Leaf in her animation The owl who married the goose.


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